21. & 22.4.2018




Code in the Woods senior sprints are two-day learning experiences for already more experienced senior developers. In April 21. & 22.4.2018 participants have the chance to learn the best practices of React Native with talented Code in the Woods mentor Andre Staltz. The focus will be on practical skill development. Andre has experience with both native mobile development and React Native, and he can explain why he and many others nowadays prefer React Native to get things done.



The sessions are held on Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd of April from 10am to 17pm at Barona Technologies office, Helsinki city center. During this weekend the participants get to build iOS and Android apps using React Native. The curriculum is balanced with light breakfast, lunch in the middle and pizza and beer after the day ends. The coaching is free for the accepted participants and the used language is English.


On the first day, participants will learn how React Native is a viable alternative to native mobile development, how to get started with it, and how to build your first app. Andre Staltz will be teaching the content and mentoring during coding sessions. On the second day, participants will learn several important APIs and tools to help building your app, such as basic UI components, styling, debugging, network, so that by the end of the day we will have created a real mobile app that you could use daily.

Andre Staltz has experience professionally developing mobile apps, building open source libraries (for JavaScript and React Native), as well as teaching programming in conferences and workshops in dozens of occasions around Europe. His current primary software project is a React Native one. Andre believes he won't disappoint you in sharing what he has learned about React Native so far.

WHO and how?

We invite selected 25 Professional software developers, who want to get to know React Native in a coding party type of setting. Participants should have some experience with JavaScript (in particular, some React skills, but not much is required to know) and want to use their knowledge to create mobile apps. If you have always wanted to create a mobile app, but were afraid of the Java or ObjectiveC/Swift learning curve, this training is for you. Before the workshop, you only need to install a few JavaScript libraries, and the rest we'll learn together. 


Application period was open from 12th of March 9:00 until 4th of April 23:59 2018. Application period is now over, thank you for your applications!

We will contact selected ones as soon as possible via e-mail.



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