Code in the Woods senior sprints are two-day learning experiences for already more experienced senior developers. In November 2017 participants got the chance to learn the best practices of Progressive Web Apps. On the Saturdays of 11th and 18th of November Code in the Woods mentor Petri Louhelainen hosted two co-work sessions in which the participants got to expand their skill sets and add new cutting edge technologies to their portfolios.


The sessions were held in 11th and 18th of November from 10am to 18pm at Barona Technologies office, Helsinki city center. During these two Saturdays the participants got to build e2e spikes on top of their own already developed APIs or YLE Areena API. The curriculum was balanced with light breakfast, lunch in the middle and pizza and beer after the day ends. The coaching is free for the accepted participants and the used language is English.


The two-day work session was designed and held by the talented programmer Petri Louhelainen the co-founder at Kamu Health Ltd. He decided to be the best programmer in the world when he was 12 years old after learning that his father was currently holding the title and has been passionately pursuing the goal ever since starting from perfect scores in TKK (now Aalto University). Now Petri is a so called developer with 21 years of experience from 10 different companies in cross-stack development, both mobile, web and embedded systems, big or small. Above all, Petri is a people person that believes strongly that success is a result of honesty, teamwork and having fun at work.

WHO and how?

These sessions were targeted for selected 30 Professional software developers, who wanted to get to know Google Progressive Web Apps in a coding party type of setting. Application period was open until 3rd of November and the accepted participants were confirmed in the following week.


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