WHO are we?

 Riku Malkki CEO RecRight

Riku Malkki

Before video interviews were invented, we, the founders of RecRight, felt that something was missing. We were struggling with job interviews which was the most time-consuming and expensive task in recruitment process. How could one remarkably speed up the recruitment process? We gathered a team of HR and user experience experts. Their task: to make job interviews more effective, and more fun.

Today, RecRight is a full-blown video recruitment tool.

We are located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The RecRight team consists of Scandinavia's leading HR and software development talent. We operate globally, and our customers vary from small companies to global corporations.


Open positions

Junior Developer / Trainee
We are looking for someone who is passionate about developing new products and services, and willing and able to learn new things and new ways of working. We value attitude above everything else! We want to support you in the beginning of your career and give you room for growing. In best case scenario, there is a chance for you to continue working with us after the training program.

You don't need to have a perfect CV, if any. Just be yourself and be ready to answer video questions that our developing team has prepared for you!

Fullstack Developer
Our service consists of a backend built on MongoDB and Node, and of a React + Redux frontend.

We appreciate you to have experience of said technologies, but even more so, the enthusiasm for learning new things! As a equal member of a development team you will have the chance to influence how we do things here in RecRight.

We are situated in new office spaces in Helsinki city center. You will be provided with appropriate working equipment, such as high-performance mac computers and an adjustable table. Employees are also entitled to a range of employee benefits as well as snacks and refreshments at the office.

If our technologies are familiar to you and videos intrigue you, don't hesitate to contact us!


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