Junior Camp 2018

React native with andre staltz

8. - 11.10.2018



Code in the Woods Junior Camp 2018 was a four day coding program for 18 junior developers and coders in the early stage of their careers. This year the program of the week focused on React Native with the help of an amazing mentor Andre Staltz.

During the camp, the participants created their own apps in groups of 3 to 4 members. The idea was to learn React Native, and also to gain skills that are needed in work life. With Andre, there were other software professionals helping the campers throughout the week.

The camp was held in an amazing villa in Kirkkonummi, and it was completely free.

The application period for Junior Camp closed 14.9 at 23:59.

Check out our blog to find out in more detail what happened in the camp.


Our mentor



Andre Staltz has experience professionally developing mobile apps, building open source libraries (for JavaScript and React Native), as well as teaching programming in conferences and workshops in dozens of occasions around Europe. His current primary software project is a React Native one. Andre believes he won't disappoint you in sharing what he has learned about React Native so far.