What can happen in a year after Code in the Woods?

Last year I got to spend an amazing week in a mansion with incredible people. The perfect excuse was called Progressive Web Apps. It could just as well have been Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, R, or any of their frameworks – as long as I was concerned. I just wanted to learn to code.

This is what I call globalization!

Hmmm, my experience by the time I got on that bus to the Code in the Woods was RailsGirls. It is a one-day programming event with Ruby on Rails for girls who are complete beginners in programming. An incredibly cool concept from the wonderful kids’ book author Linda Liukas! As none of these events were available in Finland at the time, I attended one in Stockholm. The funny thing was, that the girls organizing it came from Tel Aviv, Israel. So a Finnish concept taught in Sweden by Israeli girl programmers. This is what I call globalization!

Watch out for the total Newbie! 

In Stockholm, I was tipped about Pink Programming; a Swedish community that organizes code camps for girls in Sweden. So, in July I got to explore the South of Sweden and learned Java in Swedish! There we had three full days for programming. So, altogether 4 days of programming. Thus, you can understand my enthusiasm, when I got the news that I’ve been accepted to the Code in the Woods! 

We did win the team competitions at least!

At the time, I had no idea how Git, GitHub, terminal, APIs, JSON-files, React – or to be honest HTML or CSS really worked. But my incredible team and the coaches bared with me. I hope I at least brought some value to the business side or the project management. We did win the team competitions at least! We made an app that lets you search for your favorite movies and actors, and check whether anything from them is available in Yle Areena at the moment. And if they were, you could watch the movie – for free! Only in Finland though.

A year after…

Now, a year after, a lot of wonderful things have happened. I am the admin of a Facebook community called Ompeluseura LevelUP koodarit, that has more than 2700 Finnish girls from different industries who code, or want to learn to code, and support each other on this journey! I have attended a 12-week boot camp to learn Javascript, React and Node. I have also attended JangoGirls, ClojureBridge, API Hackatemia, taken 75 new girls to Assembly to get to know the game industry and demoscene, organized AI excursions that have practically taught hundreds of women what on Earth is Artificial Intelligence by actual code examples.

People experts, AI-assistants, and Robots

I spent my summer doing different online courses like The Elements of AI (strongly recommended for anyone in working life), and Udacity courses on Python and Data science. And now I am working on a Data science Nanodegree.

Currently, I am also doing my dream job, working on my Ph.D. on the division of labor between people experts and their AI-assistants and robots. With professionals from different companies and different skills, we try to figure out how their current job descriptions might change because of AI, and what whole new careers and innovations could come out of applying these technologies in new ways and in new fields.

“We’ve come a long way”

I still have a long way to go, and I know that there are many things that I still don’t know, but I would like to quote a discussion from our Finnish girls’ programming camp from this July. While teaching the total beginners in making their first ever responsive sites, the founder of LevelUP coders Vlada Laukkonen and I had to admit: “We’ve come a long way”. 

P.S. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, if you are interested in co-operating on my Ph.D. on the division of labor between Human experts, AI-assistants and robots, or organizing an event for the ladies in our Ompeluseura LevelUP koodarit -community.