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Code in the woods

Code. Learn. Repeat.


The Mission


Code in the Woods is a series of learning programs where Brave doers and new top technologies meet. The learning programs vary from two-night sprint sessions to whole coding weeks in the woods. Code in the Woods production provides small group mentoring and workshop sessions to both new curious junior developers to more advanced senior programmers as well.

Code in the Woods aims to create a place for hard work, intensive mentoring and passion for programming. During the session participating programmers will learn new 21st century technologies by building their own software with the help of co-participants, top mentors and step-by-step workshops. Code in the Woods is in the mission of enabling learning and developing a new generation of programming experts to the newest waves of software. Come as you are, leave as an expert.

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Behind code in the Woods


Code in the Woods production main provider Barona Technologies is making the future of worklife both by creating the services and software needed by the new generation of workers and by creating new talents for future needs. Preparing for future in any fields of society demands both strong vision and dedication to new technologies. Forecasting the future and reacting to the new needs is a strong part of Barona Technologies everyday work mentality and by the Code in the Woods program we build new talents to surf with us on top of the newest waves of technologies.

Barona Technologies develops and sustains digital solutions for Barona Group companies needs. Barona Tech also works as a startup incubator and as an investor to new interesting workalike related digital services like RecrightTúlkaJelppFuzu ja Palkkaus.fi


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